Your Help Wanted

Many of the items in the Museum have been donated or are on loan. If you think you have something which would enhance the display in the Museum please get in touch.

If you see something you think might interest us on Ebay, Gumtree etc please let us know.

The Museum Archive collects items from the railways of Southern England from the earliest days right up to the present. Brighton Railway and Eurostar Working Timetables happily rub shoulders in the storage boxes. The archive contains all appropiate paperwork and photographs etc, though there are numerous gaps in the collection. The lines west of Salisbury are not as well represented as those in the east. if you have any paperwork that you think might be of interest please get in touch.

The Archive also contains the Society magazines of the Railway Societies in Southern England. There is a list here of the magazines WE ALREADY HAVE. If anyone can help fill the gaps please contact us.

The Museum relies totally on donations of items or money to enhance the displays. We are always very pleased to receive donations of items that we can sell to raise money for Museum funds. Money raised in this way would be only used for purchase of further items for the Museum.

If you can help in any way please email curator@bluebell-railway-museum.co.uk with details including a photograph if appropiate.