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A Nostalgic Look at the Old Museum

Nostalgia   The old waiting room building on platform 2 used as the original Museum. This building now houses the Bluebell Railway part of the new Museum display.
Nostalgia   The empty space where the northern extension to the old waiting room has been built which contains the main part of the new Museum
Nostalgia   Inside the old Museum looking north from about where the entrance door is now.
Nostalgia   Looking south from the entrance door to where the booking office display is now situated. The window glass display can be seen in the new Museum.
Nostalgia   Part of the display on the chimney breast.
Nostalgia   The north end of of the old Museum looking towards where the Museumstoomtram Hoorn Medemblik Railway display is now situated. (This railway is twinned with the Bluebell Railway).